About Examas Jaya
Food service and kitchen equipment specialist

Examas Jaya was founded in 2005 by founders of more than 30 years of experience in the F&B industry.

We take pride in distributing Taylor range of soft serve machines and commercial grillers, Astoria and Wega espresso machine, Kinco display showcase, Kolb speed ovens, Panasonic chillers and freezers, Cooper Atkins foods safety tools, Scotsman ice machines, Fetco tea brewer, Franke cup dispenser, and Sanomat whipped cream machine.

Why Choose Examas Jaya

At Examas Jaya, we promise quality, durability, and assurance in product reliability which includes warranty and warehouse of spare parts.

We also pride ourselves with our custom made services by our well-trained and dynamic team of experts that ensures good technical support and services around the clock.


After Sales Service Support

Our strength is our after-sales services and we always aim to deliver the best services for all of our customers from the beginning of time.

Service Call Hotline

We provide emergency Hotline for customers to easily reach our technical departments to assist with equipment troubleshoots.

Solutions Team

Solutions Team solve technical challenges by preparing all troubleshoot guides and training to ensure technician readiness when facing challenges.

Certified Service Team

Our technicians undergo regular compulsory trainings every year and are certified by principals to deliver and carry out quality services.

Preventive Maintenance

We provide regular maintenance service to all the equipments to keep it up and running. It can definitely prolong the life of equipments.

Warehousing & Logistic

We have a warehouse to store all ready stock equipment and spare parts to ensure all orders are delivered promptly and on time.

Genuine Spare Parts

All spare parts are certified authentic and imported from its origin country. We do not accept any refurbished items to be delivered to our customers.

Operation Training

We provide professional trainings to all of our team members every month to ensure improvement of customers’ satisfaction through better service.

Equipment Demo

We provide equipment testing on the spot while customers visit showroom and of course it will be checked and tested before we deliver.

Our Product Range

Soft Serve Machine

Gelato Machine

Frozen Beverage Machine

Batch Dessert Machine



Curved Showcase

Chill Showcase

Warm Showcase

Jewellery Display Showcase

Open Showcase

Gelato Display

Coffee Machine

Coffee Grinder

Coffee Machine Accessories

Water Filter

AtollSpeed Oven

Atoll Oven

Modular Ice Machine

Self Contained Ice Machine

Upright Chiller

Upright Freezer 

Undercounter Chiller

Undercounter Freezer

Food Safety Monitoring Tool & Equipment

Barista Thermometer

BBQ Thermometer

Chiller/Freezer Thermometer

Waterproof Thermometer

Tea Brewer

Brewer with Decanter

Hot Water Dispenser

Fries Dispenser

Cup Dispenser 

Whipped Cream Machine

Milkstone remover and sanitizer

Tea and Coffee Stains Remover


Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

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